Jamie Chase's art combines cool discipline with exploratory themes of evolution, transcendence and the boundaries of space and form. His paintings constantly seek new territory while remaining grounded in a philosophy of evolutionary consciousness. Each painting refers to all the others that have gone before, while at the same time addresses a new facet of his ongoing thought.

Chase works with the fundamentals of perception: the human experience, the personal environment, and the way the two interact with each other.

His figures, at times become so abstract as to seem like columns of pure internal energy, are inseparable from their surroundings that may be seen as external energy fields. In this way, the artist refines and concentrates reality to its essence: each person is a unique expression of energy within the larger sphere, an individual dynamo connected to the basic power source.

Having defined this relationship between form and space, Chase explores its ever-changing nature. The artist has developed a vocabulary of color, form, and composition that allows him to decipher every nuance of interrelatedness and change.

The paintings in turn reflect Jamie's own thoughts on what it is like to be alive in the world, finding a balance within one's own circumstances, changing them or adapting to them, learning to function at the highest and best energy level.

In this way, Chase is truly a generative artist. Each painting is an incarnation, like the best of personal relationships. It unfolds as he interacts with it, developing strength in some areas and receding in others.

As a work of art, it is finished at some point, but as a thought, it is a gateway to others. Always there remains a certain enigma that is never entirely resolved.