My work is based on the minute and detailed lines found in etchings and engravings from the 15-17th century. I collect my source materials from museums, antique print dealers, and private collections. I photograph the prints and use Photoshop to digitally modify the images, which serve as general outlines for my compositions.

Often book pages provide the underlying armature for many of my works. I overlay the digitally enlarged image on top of the book pages, which are mounted to a canvas or backing material. The content of the text often offers inspiration for the image. Selectively lining out the text with paint or ink allows me to develop a composition that is woven into the text.

The common themes found in my work are based on my appreciation for both engravings and handwritten cursive. In my work, I enjoy thinking about how both these art forms were ubiquitous tools for communication in the past, and how obsolete they are today.