SHAY-James_Bolinas Ridge_66x20

James SHAY, Bolinas Ridge, casein on panel, 66 x 20 inches

SHAY-James_Daydream Believer No. 2_65x49

James SHAY, Daydream Believer No. 2, casein on panel, 65 x 49 inches

SHAY-James_Daydream Believer_63x50

James SHAY, Daydream Believer, casein on panel, 63 x 50 inches

SHAY-James_Grove Study 5_48x49

James SHAY, Grove Study 5, casein on panel, 48 x 49 inches

SHAY-James_Landscape 2_30x22

James SHAY, Landscape 2, casein on panel, 30 x 22 inches

SHAY-James_Landscape 4_22x30

James SHAY, Landscape 4, casein on panel, 22 x 30 inches

SHAY-James_No. 10_66x50

James SHAY, No. 10casein on panel, 66 x 50 inches


James SHAY, Untitled, casein on panel


James SHAY, Upslope, casein on panel, 54 x 50 inches

SHAY-James_White Line_49x28

James SHAY, White Line, casein on panel, 49 x 28 inches

Born in South Dakota in the heart of Midwest farmland Jim moved with his family to Yuma, Arizona at age thirteen, when his father purchased a Phillips 66 gas station outside of town. While fixing flats, pumping gas, and playing tennis, he dreamed of the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and the paintings of Mark Rothko.

After graduating from architecture school he hit the road, working for excellent architects in America and abroad.  Along the way he discovered a link between painting and architecture through the work of the French architect le Corbusier.  To explore this great revelation, Jim took two years away from architecture to study at the San Francisco Art Institute in the late seventies.

From 1979 onward Jim’s architecture office designed commercial and residential modernist projects in western America and Asia.  Published in America, Europe and Asia, his work received wide recognition in the professional worlds of architecture and art.

In the mid-nineties Jim’s focus shifted from architecture to painting, and he has never looked back.  He has had numerous one-person shows and is represented by many galleries nationwide.  Jim lives in beautiful Lucas Valley, north of San Francisco, in a home he designed and shares with his gorgeous wife, Karen, and their daughter, Genevieve.  He likes to ski, play tennis, and study the construction and painting techniques of ancient Egypt.  He does occasional architectural projects, including homes, studios and interiors.