Casper Brindle's paintings reveal themselves slowly, bathed in tones that recall the magic half-light of dawn and dusk, where form and space are veiled in shimmering glimpses and murky pools. Essentially, they are sophisticated studies of atmosphere, vaporous ambiguities that intrigue, and compel us to navigate the hazy borders of perception. Subtle horizon lines aide this navigation.

The paintings evolve through a process of repeated layerings of paint. They are airbrushed with color-shifting car paints, then coated in resin. With their high gloss surfaces and nuanced focus, the work is clearly linked to the Finish Fetish and Light and Space movements – and reflect sensibilities that grew, and continue to thrive, in the coastal atmosphere of LA's surf and car culture.

Casper Brindle grew up surfing the beaches along LA's coast during the 1970s and 80s, and worked for Light and Space artist Eric Orr in the late 1980s. The movement, and the landscape from which it arose, have clearly inspired his development and direction as an artist. With this new series, it is exciting to see how far Brindle has made this pursuit his own and how much fresh terrain remains to be explored.

Casper was born in Toronto, Canada in 1968, shortly after his parents emigrated there from England. They moved to Los Angeles in 1974.



Casper Brindle is a painter specializing in mixed media abstraction, light and space, and finish fetish. He lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

Solo Exhibitions

Nancy Toomey Fine Art, San Francisco, CA

William Turner Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (September)

William Turner Gallery, "Chroma", Los Angeles, CA
Susan Street Fine art, Solinas, CA

William Turner Gallery, "Azimuth", Los Angeles, CA
Toomey Tourell, "Strata", San Francisco, CA

William Turner Gallery, "Stratum", Los Angeles, CA
Susan Street Fine Art, San Diego, CA

Exhibit A Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
William Turner Gallery Los Angeles, CA

Murphy and Dine, NYC, NY
Mint Gallery, "Light", Dana Point, CA

Madsen Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Selected Group Exhibitions

"Gathering Light", Nancy Toomey Fine art, San Francisco, CA
Laguna Art Museum Auction
Grinstein Art Invitational (Samual Freeman Gallery) Culver City, CA

Unit London, London, United Kingdom
Laguna Art Museum – Pallete to Palate
Riverside City College, Riverside, CA
This is not surf art, Surfing Heritage and cultural Center, San Clemente, CA
Palm Springs Art Fair (William Turner Gallery)
Mana, Art 1307, Napoli, Italy
William Turner Gallery, Ethereal
Silicon Valley Art Fair (Toomey Tourell Gallery)
Surfrider Foundation 

The Grinstein Artist Invitational (Rosamund Felson Gallery) Santa Monica, CA
San Francisco Art Fair (Toomey Tourell Gallery)
Family Affairs, International Fine Arts Consortium, New York, NY
Brett Rubbico Gallery, Newport Beach, CA
Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, CA
Surfing Heritage Museum, Huntington, CA

Mana, Meld Gallery, Kona, HI
Art1307, Napoli, Italy
William Turner Gallery – "Skin Deep" Materiality, Sensuality and Paint, Los Angeles, CA
Aqua Art Miami, Toomey Tourell
Surfing Heritage Museum benefit, Orange County, CA
VFC Foundation, Venice, CA
Dallas Art Fair, Toomey Tourell

Artist and Architects, Joe’s, Venice, CA
IMPACT emotions of color, Art Space, Virginia Miller Gallery, Miami, FL
Light and Space, MMFA, Palm Desert, CA
Surfrider Foundation, Marina Del Rey, CA
SIMA, Laguna, CA
Aqua Art Miami, Toomey Tourell
San Diego Art Fair, Susan Street Fine Art
Surfrider Foundation

Gleam in the young bastards eye, William Turner Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
New Work, Murphy and Dine Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
Melissa Morgan Gallery, Palm Springs, CA
SIMA, Laguna, CA
Surfrider Foundation Benefit, Malibu, CA
Aqua Art Miami, Toomey Tourell

SWELL, Metro Pictures Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, CA
Coming out, SMAS South Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
Heal The Bay Auction
Surfrider Foundation

Darkwave exhibition, The IGM Gallery, University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA
SMAS South Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

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